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Karissa Raya- Operations Manager

Becoming a mother was a catalyst into self discovery for Karissa.  She began her journey with plant medicine during her postpartum time with essential oils and plants for personal care and health.  Her own birthing experience led her to train as a doula— and she hopes to be an advocate of families being informed of their birthing options and with using natural and holistic care from pregnancy, and beyond.  To Karissa using essential oils and plants as medicine brings us back to our roots and is a form of decolonization.  She hopes to empower others through educational and hands on workshops to disrupt the health care system that systematically mistreats people of color.   Additionally she is the acting Operations Manager for the Let There Be Luz podcast, where she oversees brand development and event production that focus on intimate experiences for podcast listeners. 


Sonia Acosta- Contributor 

Sonia helps busy entrepreneurs reduce the overwhelm, increase productivity and turn their "fire setting" ideas into reality. At Sonia's Desk Virtual Assistant Services, Sonia and her team take a project management approach to their work, clearing clients' ever-expanding to-do list, with a focus on online marketing and podcast production support. She enjoys collaborating with and empowering women to reach their business goals by taking care of the daily tasks it takes to get there.

Sonia enjoys yoga, running, meditation, vegetable gardening, knitting, cooking, spending time with friends and family, and is on a quest to expand her spiritual growth. She lives in Southern California and is proud mom to two boys ages 16 and 20.

She has been a huge fan of Let There Be Luz  and is very much looking forward to working with the team and getting to know her community of loyal fans!


Selisa Loeza- Contributor

Selisa is a mom of two toddlers, wife and lover of life; reader, thinker and in love with growth. She is a full time Body, Mind and Soul Educator, helping women recognize they have the power to achieve their wildest dreams. She works through online courses, one one one programs, speaking engagements, and in person workshops to give women the mindset, tools, and action plans they need. She uses the power of questions to guide others to their personal power. By asking the questions no one has ever asked, Selisa helps you reflect and take action in ways that you've never done. If Selisa could grant any single gift to empower others, it would be the ability for them to see themselves as Divine Intelligence created them to be. If we see ourselves at our highest potential, we know we are limitless, strive for our dreams, and are kind to others on our journeys. She is excited to be a part of the Let There Be Luz team & community and help spread the light!