Episode 42: From Darkness Comes Luz: Our Power

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." Marianne Williamson

This is very true for Linda today as she is overwhelmed with guilt for selling out the Mujer Llena Retreat tickets in 31 hours. She feels as though she should not be celebrating. And she had to take the time to process.

Linda took her very last Lions Gate paycheck towards reserving the house for this retreat. Rather than shaking off the voice of fear in giving up her last paycheck, she acted on that voice and made the investment in the house.

Retreats are one of the most difficult items to sell because it's not just a purchase, it's an investment in themselves. This win is a win for the whole team. A win for those who purchased the tickets. And it is everyone else's win.

Linda is really honing into her intuition as she is creating this event and truly believes this is the reason we are accomplishing some major steps at Let There Be Luz. We are a real functioning business. It has manifested and it is a huge responsibility.

Linda is sharing with us how she is creating this expansion, giving you a behind the scenes look at her journey and her growth through this blogcast.

Latinas are creating businesses and are much more successful than their female counterparts. She goes on to share some very important statistics for Latina women in business:

  • According to the latest Census data available, there were just under 1.5 million Hispanic female majority owned firms in the US, with 78.7 billion in sales.

  • Latina majority owned firms makeup 44% of all Hispanic owned firms, and 15% of all female owned firms.

  • Hispanic female majority owned firms grew in number by more than 682,000, or 87% during the last 5 years. This is huge!

  • For white females, that growth in the last 5 years was 13%, compared to 87%.

  • The growth in sales that Latinas are experiencing in their firms is 41%. In comparison to white females where their sales are growing at 14%. Not only are we successful at starting our businesses, but we are also expanding in our buying power.

"The report shares the drive Latinas have in becoming their own boss. We're the lowest pay grade in corporate America, I think we're done with that!!" - Luz Warrior


PinkSlipped a webseries by Jacqueline Priego, who is part of our tribe, is incredible! It's about three friends that are on the verge of getting pink slipped and they want to create their own thing. She addresses very important issues like the wage gap. Launches this Thursday, so let's share her trailer and support her!

Our favorite breathwork instructor, Analilia, is having an event in October that looks like pure magic. She is a very powerful breathwork instructor. Take advantage of this event. Follow her on Instagram @_ana_lilia, as she does home and private sessions as well.