Episode 41: The Speed of Luz: Mujer Llena

Linda announces big news this week on the podcast.

Full Moon Retreat location has been booked! We are having our Full Moon Retreat in Indio, May 17-20, 2019.

The location is out of a dream…a luxurious house on 2.2 acres with a pond, volleyball court, a beautiful pool, spa, 10 bedrooms…truly out of a dream.

Setting intentions a year ago for the expansion Linda is experiencing right now, she never thought it would happen so soon. But she did the work of pushing through her limited beliefs to search for expansion.

We went through challenges booking this location and Linda finally realized that it wasn't that it wasn't flowing. Once Linda did the work and checked in with her intuition, she realized it was her own internal resistance that was creating these small challenges.

And then the shift happened and she stepped into her power to create life transforming experiences full of value for the woman that support her and empower her to move forward, giving us all the opportunity to create magic and change in our own lives.

The name of the retreat is "Mujer Llena". The day that we are having the retreat is one of the first full moon Saturdays of 2019, called the Full Mother's Moon, when we will be leaving the Virgen phase and entering the Mother phase. (We talked about the 4 phases in our Moon Cycle episodes).

Linda takes us through the itinerary for this magical weekend, including cord cutting, sound bath meditation, burlesque, boudoir photoshoot, intentional moon bathing, yoni breathwork and exercises, relaxation, recovery, and self-indulging!!!!

Event tickets go on sale on Friday, September 14th at 1:30pm. Make sure you're signed up for the Weekly Warrior email so you get the registration email on Friday!!