Episode 40: The Speed of Luz: HBD

At a time when Linda was feeling lost and unsure of her purpose and where she was headed, she found inspiration from Mitch Albom on Super Soul Conversations with Oprah, and started this podcast. The podcast launched on September 3rd, 2017.

We often compare ourselves to others to gauge where we should be in our own path. But it is until we stay true and authentic to who we are that we are able to find what our path is and figure out how we should be contributing with our own set of talents. And this journey is definitely where Linda belongs, where she can share her light with us all.

Today, Linda shares with us the first episode of Let There Be Luz where she shares her first Moon Cycle.

Happy Birthday to Let There Be Luz and MIL GRACIAS to everyone who has held space for the podcast!

Public Service Announcement:

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UPDATE: Sephora pulled its Starter Witch Kit after massive backlash!