Episode 39: From Darkness Comes Luz: 10 Ways

In this episode, Linda gives us 10 ways to get closer to the Light based on her spiritual perspective.

10 Ways To Be A Guerrera De La Luz | A Warrior Of The Light:

  1. Embrace the darkness that led you to the light.

  2. The darkness you see in others is only reflecting the darkness you have within.

  3. Have compassion for yourself.

  4. When you begin to experience a challenge, be grateful for the training ground that was just presented to you.

  5. Don’t suppress a negative emotion with positive thinking. Instead, move toward the emotion and walk through it.

  6. There is no greater power than the power you have within. When you look outside of yourself., you take away from that.

  7. Always work toward seeing the light in every encounter. Specially, those situations that are the darkest.

  8. The only way to consistently show up with good energy, is to consistently protect it. Look to nature for tools. The moon and nature’s plants offer guidance.

  9. You shine your light so that others can see their light. Beware of the scarcity mentality, which takes the light away from others.

  10. Just when you think you know everything, you remember you know nothing. We will always be seekers.