Episode 46: La Luz: Cosmic Christine

In this episode Linda talks about what is going on with the stars.

We are closing a chapter of the last 8 years, and that has to do with Venus being in Retrograde since October 5th. She’s going down under for the next 40 days and 40 nights and we will not see her again until November 16th. She will no longer be a night start, she will be a morning star.

This is a great opportunity to go within and take a look ago our triggers. Our relationships will be taking the most clearing. We are thirsty for authenticity during this time.

Let’s take the tine to journal for the next 40 days until October 16th when Venus goes direct. Let’s identify our daily triggers, write them down, and see if we can trace those triggers back as far as we can. When we ask for clarity on something, we receive it.

Today we introduce Guerreras de la Luz, starting with Cosmic Christine, one of the most powerful healers of our times in our community. She came in with the right medicine at just the right time to help us through this time with her beautiful soul voice shadow meditation, at 16:55.

Linda gathered the information she discussed today from this video, that better explains what is happening with the stars: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeR6xKwUIHg&t=1683s

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