Episode 7: Moon Cycle Series: Thinx VS Diva

In this episode Let There Be Luz has it's very first guest, Vanessa Gonzalez. Vane, is a brand manager who works in digital content. She has an upcoming fashion and lifestyle blog called Las Vanetas and is launching a podcast with her best girlfriend Iliana Guevara in 2018 called Girl, Let Me Tell You, which is about giving women permission to discover, explore and talk about their sexuality. 

Vane (as Linda likes to call her) gets raw and real with her Thinx experience, does it smell? Find out what Linda does with the first blood she collects from her Diva Cup.

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Linda is hosting a digital full moon ritual where she will be going over ancient beauty rituals and going over the 11 Moon Centers, make your $20 karmic investment here

Vanessa Gonzalez 

Vanessa Gonzalez