Episode 9: Moon Cycle Series: Querida Part 1

In this episode Linda attempts to come to terms with falling out of alignment with the White Moon Cycle (New Moon). She writes a letter to the moon expressing her sorrow of the disconnected after being in perfect alignment for so many month. She will be writing to the moon every week from the perspective of her new journey as she moves into the Red Moon Cycle (Full Moon). This is the first of 4 episodes, titled the Querida series. 

Episode 8: Moon Cycle Series: The Pill

In this episode Linda talks about the risks and effects of using the pill. 

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Episode 7: Moon Cycle Series: Thinx VS Diva

In this episode Let There Be Luz has it's very first guest, Vanessa Gonzalez. Vane, is a brand manager who works in digital content. She has an upcoming fashion and lifestyle blog called Las Vanetas and is launching a podcast with her best girlfriend Iliana Guevara in 2018 called Girl, Let Me Tell You, which is about giving women permission to discover, explore and talk about their sexuality. 

Vane (as Linda likes to call her) gets raw and real with her Thinx experience, does it smell? Find out what Linda does with the first blood she collects from her Diva Cup.

Let There Be Luz will be at Podcasterio Fest. Follow @PodcasterioFest on instagram for information on free tickets. Must register. Registration opens 10/27.

Linda is hosting a digital full moon ritual where she will be going over ancient beauty rituals and going over the 11 Moon Centers, make your $20 karmic investment here

 Vanessa Gonzalez 

Vanessa Gonzalez 

Episode 6: Moon Cycle Series: Red Moon vs White Moon

In this episode Linda discusses a little bit about the power she experienced when she began to give honor to her enchantress phase and follows her intuition.  She also goes into the Red Moon Cycle vs the White Moon Cycle and the characteristics. 

The Red Moon Phase is when women bleed on the full moon. The White Moon Phase is when women bleed on the new moon.

Linda will be a Podcasterio Fest on November 19th. Please follow @podcasteriofest on Instagram for more details on where to register. This event is a free event.

Episode 5: Moon Cycle Series: Forgiveness

In this episode Linda breaks down and email from a listener who shares a very personal story. We learn all about the power of forgiveness and they cyclical patterns we are condemning ourselves to if we do not forgive. Linda uses her email of an example of these patterns. 

For more information on Linda's Pranic Healing mentor please see her website www.marcelaarrieta.com or follow her on Instagram @marcela.a.arrieta.

Episode 4: Moon Cycle Series: Womb Meditation

In this episode Linda, wrote, produced, directed and edited a meditation she saw in a vision when questioning her intuition on a womb healing. She hesitated in writing it down as she was still trying to process her vision. That night while in the wise women phase she dreamt the meditation over and over and over again. The meditation is not only designed to connect you to your four phases but it also incorporates Pranic healing for old wounds and restoration of the womb. Sit back, relax and enjoy this vivid journey. 

Music in the meditation: 

1. Avec Soin - Romance by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

2. Bansure Raga by Doug Maxwell 

3. Bathed in the Light - Calming by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Episode 3: Moon Cycle Series: Phases

In this episode Linda goes through the four archetypes or phases of the moon cycle, she adds her experience through the phases for perspective. 

Endometriosis: Our listener, Moon Sister Blanca shares a couple of books that really helped her understand what she was going through outside of what doctors explained.  The Hormone Cure by Dr. Sandra Gottfried | What Your Dr. Won't Tell You About Pre-menopause by Dr. John Lee. 

Four Phases Chart: Integrated Moon Chart by Lucy Pearce here

When Life Gets Hard: Video description on the Wise Woman

The Four Phases: Episode 3

Episode 2: Moon Cycle Series: Intuition

In this episode Linda shares how she became drawn to the topic of a menstrual cycle or as she likes to refer to it: Moon Cycle, it's triggers and passion for wanted to change the type of conversation surrounding it. 



Red Moon, Miranda Gray

The Pill: Are You Sure It's for You?, Jane Bennett & Alexandra Pope