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On this sacred evening we will be working with the energy of the full moon as well as the energy of the Goddess through a series of transformational exercises . We will then move into a celebration of the podcasts' second birthday and my final love letter to Los Angeles.

Showtime: 5PM to 12AM

Date: Friday, September 13th, the official Day of the Goddess & Full Moon 

Location: Candela on La Brea

Parking: Valet for $10, please consider Uber or Lyft if you will be consuming alcohol

Attire: Embody your interpretation of a Goddess. Light colors are recommended for this event as we will be releasing energy.


  • Limpia ceremony upon arrival led by Jenny Viveros

  • Cord cutting led by Linda Garcia

  • Contribution of ofrenda & honoring our ancestors with Madre del Altar Zoila Darton

  • Open sacred circle with Jenny Viveros & Linda Garcia

  • Meditative experience with Linda Garcia

  • Journey thought downloads with Yesenia Mendoza-Menchaca

  • A journey in Self Pranic Psychotherapy Healing, where we will alleviate negative emotions, thoughts, behavior or traumatic thought-forms and reprogramming with positive self imaging with Sonia Acosta

  • A Phoenix Full Moon Cinnamon Ritual, honoring our death and rebirths with Jasmin Alejandrez

  • Sacred hermana candle lighting ceremony with Linda Garcia

  • A journey through various dimensions to activate your Ascended Master Self, Goddess Self and Warrior Self guided with Angleic realm using the Quantum Field with Angie Sanchez 

  • Closing sacred circle with Jenny Viveros & Linda Garcia


  • Taco Bar with choice of carne asada, grilled chicken or zucchini & cheese with rice, beans, chips and guacamole

  • One hour open bar, drinks available for purchase after hour.

  • Desert provided by Twisted for Sugar

*Itinerary is subject to change