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Full Blue Moon Sunrise Hike: Mercury in Retrograde


On Saturday, March 31 in the midst of the first mercury in retrograde of 2018, a full blue moon will touch Los Angeles at 5:37 AM. This will be the last blue moon of the year.

Join Luz Warrior a hike dedicated to mercury in retrograde where the intention is to identify our shadows so that we may work through them, the energy of a blue moon will work in our favor as it magnifies all that needs illumination. The hike will begin promptly at 5 AM and complete at approximately 9:30 AM. With the intensity of the hike there are many emotions that are ego related that can easily surface due to mercury in retrograde. The intention is to nurture what arises in a full physical, emotional and ethereal experience.  As a group we will collectively identify and heal patterns that no longer serve us in the next phase of our journey. 

Please note that the hike has its challenging moments on rough terrain and are all part of the experience and metaphors for our own life challenges. The journey to this experience begins the moment your ticket is purchased, you're putting forth a karmic investment in what this Mercury in Retrograde has to offer you. What physical and mental changes will you work on today for a better outcome tomorrow?

This experience will consist of the following:

  • Hike under the full blue moon at its fullest for shadow work exercise 
  • Journal exercise writing what we will be leaving behind
  • One on one energy cord cutting w/ Luz 
  • One on one sage cleansing ceremony w/ Luz 
  • Photography session during sage ceremony, receive a digital B&W photo from expert documentary photographer Pam Covarrubias 
  • Watch the sunrise for clarity exercise 
  • Traditional red string closing ceremony 

Early bird karmic investment is $50. Seats are limited to keep the experience intimate. 

To purchase tickets click link here.

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